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Bio of CT Earnest

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Clyde Talley Earnest was born March 21, 1888, in Hanover County, VA.

In 1914, he and his brother started Earnest Bros. Inc.

On July 20, 1917, Col. Anderson phoned CT Earnest and asked if he would join the mission as the Assistant Secretary with the rank of First Lieutenant.

Six days later, Earnest joined the Commission as it gathered in Chicago for the journey to Romania, to return in 1918.

Meanwhile, his wife and daughter lived with his mother in Richmond, VA.

In January 1918, immediately upon his return, he went to Boston to train as a Naval Aviation instructor.

Then he proceeded to Key West, FL, with his wife, Mary, and their daughter, Opal.

In 1919, he returned to Richmond to manage his company, Earnest Bros., Inc.
In 1923, his wife died.
In 1929, he remarried and had two children, who are providing this diary!
In 1958, he was killed in a car accident in Virginia on Labor Day weekend.